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Hi There! Welcome to the Atmosphe.RED website

Atmosphe.RED is a library avaliable to Unity and Unreal games to enhance gamer experiences. The library was created to connect any game to Internet of Things (IoT) devices including Amazon's Echo (Alexa) and Philips Hue. To develop the library the team used; Node-RED, IBM's IoT Platform, Unity, Unreal, Amazon Echo (Gen 2), Philips Hue (with colour), and Raspberry Pi's. This project is under the licence agpl v3.

How Atmosphe.RED Works?

Atmosphe.RED is a Node-RED flow where signals are transmitted to and from. Games working with Atmosphe.RED send signals to the flow where the flow transmits the signal to the appropiate output signal. For example, in our Unity FPS Sample game, when a player shoots their gun, the game sends the message 'shot fired' to Node-RED via a WebSocket. Node-RED recieves the message and passes it through the flow where the suitable response occurs. In this case, when a shot is fired, Node-RED will trigger Amazon's Echo (Alexa) to say 'shot fired' alongside making the Philips Hue bulbs flash yellow.

Development Process

To view updates throughout the development of Atmosphe.RED, please vist the dedicated Reddit page at

Unreal First Person Shooter (FPS) Video Demonstration

Version 1.0 is ready at:

Atmosphe.RED Example Projects